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The Conservative Implant Option 

It was in the mid 1980's that the concept of surgically placed hollow titanium screw implants was found to be a reliable method for  replacing missing teeth. However, the surgery required up to six months for complete healing ​before permanent porcelain teeth could be created and the complexity of the treatment has now made it virtually  unaffordable for most patients. 

 Why I Recommend Keyhole Mini Implants


                    That technique is STILL the one that most dentists offer their patients!

                             But so much has changed in the world of medicine and dentistry since then..... and as with so many technological breakthroughs over the past two decades, the replacement of missing teeth with "keyhole" mini implants has provided patients with a far more conservative and desirable treatment which can eliminate dentures in one visit with a virtually painless procedure and at considerably less cost than ever before!

In 2003 I pioneered the concept of Keyhole Mini Implant Dentistry in Australia, a minimally invasive method of replacing missing teeth with non-removable porcelain crowns which have the following benefits for patients:

  • no cutting and stitching of the gums 
  • no lengthy period for healing
  • no complex components, and 
  • around 50% less costly

Having successfully placed in excess of 5,000 of these implants, I am delighted to be able to say to EVERY PATIENT that this is the most ideal method to replace missing teeth, whether you have a single missing tooth or an entire jaw of missing teeth!

No surgery, no damage to adjacent teeth and also no need to wait six months for the surgical site to heal before being able to get rid of partial dentures! With Keyhole MIni Implant Dentistry, the implants are placed with virtually no post-operative pain and are ready to carry temporary teeth immediately .... and permanent porcelain teeth two weeks later!  You can forget about wearing your partial denture from the outset of that first visit!

And best of all, the keyhole procedure allows for treatment at around half the cost of the old methods, allowing us to help a larger section of the community to enjoy a better quality of life! 


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If you then wish to proceed with an examination and consultation to discuss your treatment options, a suitable appointment time can be arranged. At that visit you will obtain a clear picture of what can be done for you as well as the associated treatments costs.  As a preliminary however, CLICK HERE for current fees and item numbers which will allow your health fund to quote on how much they will contribute towards the cost of your treatment. 

Informative Video Series 

Watch these short videos in which I explain the current options to replace your missing teeth and why Keyhole Implant Dentistry is the most conservative and desirable method for nearly EVERY patient. Whether  you need to have a single tooth replaced or multiple, these videos will give you a good appreciation of how you can benefit without undergoing painful surgical procedures and without excessive expense. 

  "I have found that when patients are given the option of

   choosing between ALL the current methods to replace            their missing teeth, they choose the  benefits of  Keyhole        Mini  Implant Dentistry 100% of the time!"

     Dr. Joseph Shohmelian




         The Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry 


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Although I routinely assist many interstate patients who prefer to visit me in my Sydney clinic which is located in  Chatswood, I appreciate that it may not be suitable for everyone. If you would like to locate an interstate dentist who has attended one of my seminars and is a certified member of The Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry, please  CLICK HERE.   

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