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International Educator And Mentor To Dentists In Keyhole Implant Dentistry Since 2011

Founder Of The Australasian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry 2011

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Since 2011 I have been conducting seminars around Australia and New Zealand to train dentists to provide Keyhole Implant Tooth Replacement in their practices. Many of these dentists are now certified members of the Australian Society For Conservative Implant Dentistry.

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If however, you are able to attend our centre in Chatswood, Sydney, I would be delighted to assist you personally.

Dr. Joseph Shohmelian

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These two videos are short and easy to watch. They describe actual clinical treatments I have performed for patients. but don't be worried, there are no graphic images! 

The first one shows the replacement of a single missing tooth while the second shows the replacement of multiple lower back teeth. 

If you would like to watch a few more, simply click the blue button below to gain immediate access.

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​​​Why I Recommend Keyhole Implant Dentistry To Replace Your Missing Teeth

​                                   Much has changed in the world of medicine and dentistry in the past twenty  years .... and as with so                                                         many breakthroughts in tehcnology, the  replacement of missing teeth has improved also. Dentures are no

                                           longer considered a permanent solution nor is it necessary to damage adjacent  teeth to carry a bridge. 


                                            Surgically-placed implants have been around since the mid 1980's and have been refined to provide                                                          patients with a non-surgical keyhole implant solution for the immediate replacement of missing teeth. 

By pioneering this method in 2003, I was able to create the most conservative, painless and immediate method possible to help patients who needed a simpler and more desirable treatment ro replace their missing teeth.  Until that time, the only options were removable dentures,  bridges that needed natural teeth as support, or surgery to place implants in the jaws.

With Keyhole Implant Dentistry patients benefit from a virtually painless procedure that provides an immediate result at a more favourable cost.

These refined techniques which I refer to as Keyhole Implant Dentistry, has become the most minimally invasive method for replacing missing teeth. It is also ideal for patients whose bone structure is too narrow for surgical implants by eliminating the need for additional surgery for bone grafts. For the majoiryt of patients, this treatment can provide non- removable porcelain

replacement teeth with the following benefits:

  • no surgery requiring cutting and stitching of the gums           ​
  • no lengthy period for healing
  • no sinus lifts or bone grafts
  • simpler componentry than surgically-placed implants
  • substantial reduction in the cost of treatment                                 

With the benefit of over 20 years of successful results, I am delighted to state with confidence that this is the most ideal method to replace missing teeth, whether you have a single missing tooth or an entire jaw of missing teeth!

No surgery, no damage to adjacent teeth and also no need to wait six months for the surgical site to heal before being able to get rid of partial dentures! With Keyhole Implant Dentistry, the implants are placed with virtually no post-operative pain and are ready to carry temporary teeth immediately .... and permanent porcelain teeth two weeks later!  

If you would like to know more about your options to replace your missing teeth,

let me invite you to DOWNLOAD you complimentary copy of my 155 page eBook

which is also available for purchase through Amazon. The information I have provided

in this publication will enlighten you on this topic and for patients who are sincerely

searching for answers to their problems, I offer it as an educational resource at no charge

only on this websiteSo please feel free to download your copy by clicking the green button.   

Having simplified the entire concept of dental implants since 2003,  it has become

clearly evident that the vast majority of patients with whom I have consulted and

carried out these treatments, have preferred it over any other option to replace

their missing teeth. When you read my eBook, you too, will appreciate why!

Yours sincerely

Dr. Joseph Shohmelian

Dental Surgeon