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Keyhole Implant Dentistry






$3,500 per tooth

​$4,800 per tooth

​$8,200 per tooth



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Current Fees

​(Updated 1 July 2019)

​​The following fees and associated item numbers will help to clarify the potential cost of  treatments you may be considering. 

Simply call your health fund and ask them what you are entitled to for each item number to work out your gap payment.

​​​ ​



                              Description and Item Numbers          


               NON-REMOVABLE TEETH   

               1) Replace Missing  Tooth With A SINGLE Keyhole Implant And Porcelain Crown  

                   (Items 688, 631 and 672) 

               2) Replace Missing Molars With DOUBLE  Keyhole Implants And Porcelain Crown 

                   (Items 688 x 2 and 672) 


               3)  Replace Missing Molar With Single CONVENTIONAL Implant And Porcelain Crown

                    (Items  684, 661 and 672)




                REMOVABLE DENTURES   


             1) Complete Lower Denture Stabilised By 4 Implants

                 Connected To Four Precision Attachments    (Using Existing Denture) 

             2)  Complete Upper Denture (Palateless) Stabilised By 8 Implants

                  Connected To Eight Precision Attachments  (Using Existing Denture)   




Initial Examination And Diagnostics


       Item Number                                        Description                                                     


               015                        Extended Consultation

               037                        Panoramic X-ray     (Usually required)  

            071x2                      Diagnostic Models Of Jaws   (Required for major cases)


       (These fees are deducted from the total cost of your treatment if you proceed within 3 months)